Day 3 – Viking, Edmonton and Jasper

Gaining an hour daily has messed up my sleep schedule. I awoke at 4:50 this morning and since it was getting light, figured that I’d get up and watch the sunrise. Dressed, I headed to the Dome Car to watch what I thought would be a spectacular sunrise. Unfortunately, a cloud bank appeared mere minutes before the sun arrived, and it was all for not. No point in staying up, so back to bed for a while.

On arrival in Edmonton, Via Rail hooks up a Panorama car, with huge windows and comfy seats. Though the renovated 50’s rolling stock that Via heralds as superior, while nice, wasn’t designed with views in the mind. What’s surprising is that of the 72 seats here, only six are occupied as we leave Jasper for BC.

We left Edmonton an hour late due to a medical issue on board, and as a result, lost our slotted time amongst the freight traffic. We sat in Edmonton for another hour, waiting for a break and then got stuck behind various frieght trains, further delaying us for an hour. Once we finally got free of the hinderances, we headed towards the mountains, anxious for the crown jewel of the trip to be revealed.

I’ve been to the Rockies four times now and every time am blown away by just how beautiful it is. Sitting back, appreciating nature can’t be any more Canadian. Its sad though, the number of people who are so busy taking hundreds (if not thousands of pictures) that they miss out on the scenery. I will post pictures, but don’t expect thousands.

The journey ends tomorrow, with arrival in Vancouver. It’ll be nice to see some friends from first and fourth year university, and with luck, one of my best friends from elementary school who I haven’t seen since Grade 7.

Enough of this writing, time to enjoy.


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